Why reading makes you smarter

Many studies conducted by experts reveal that compared to video games. A study called DA16  shows that 91% of the world’s kids play up to 35 hours of video games per week. Shocking?, well wait till you hear this!. Kids who don’t play video games and read books are likely to have a higher success rate than kids who are addicted to them.

What should you do to cure child of video game addiction?
you know that video game addiction has recently qualified as a medical disorder. Don’t panic because there is a new cure, books. Ask your child to put the game controller away and read a good book, offer them some of your favourite books when you were a kid, buy them an e-reader, set them a challenge to see how long they can go without touching the game controller, just to name a few.

In conclusion these strategies will help your child to turn your child from a lazy, video game addicted slob to a model citizen. Now go and try these strategies on  your child now!

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