Kids Reading Skills – How To Improve It

We all love to sit in a quiet place, perhaps in a hammock set in nature’s lap, sip our favorite drink and indulge in a favorite book/novel/magazine while the late afternoon sun exudes a refreshing warmth and a calming breeze joins in to caress our body. We also remember how our mother used to read out stories to us in the night, and where the characters of the fantasy world with their mesmerizing magic waltzed in to give us company while we slipped into sweet dreamless sleep.
Reading is not just a hobby, it is a necessity, and anybody with good reading skills is sure to go ahead in life. Perhaps this is the reason why parents insist on developing reading skills for their kids.
Do you have the following skills in your kid? If so, your kid has good reading skills:
• Phonemic awareness: The kid should be able to hear, recognize and play with phonemes
• Phonics: Listen to the spoken language and connect the same with letters in a written format
• Reading comprehension: If the kid can read clearly and comprehend the meaning, then he has good reading comprehension
• Vocabulary: If the kid can communicate freely with others
• Fluency: If the kid is able to read quickly and accurately
Improve the reading skills of your kid by sitting with him, reading aloud the stories that he love, visiting the library and letting him select his own books.
Kids reading skills can be improved by parents who have undergone special training. Early this December, a study conducted by Kid Trends, a nonprofit research organization examined a California based program named Raising A Reader. The survey came up with the report that parents who undergo training in reading activities have actually helped improve their kids reading skills. And that’s not all. Kids reading have lent an improvement to their vocabulary, communication skills and spoken language too.

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