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Kids Reading Skills – How To Improve It

Reading skills in kids must be guided right from the start. Research has shown that instilling good reading habits in kids help develop certain key attributes. Here are some of them:

  • Phonemic awareness: Ability to hear, recognize and play with phonemes
  • Phonics: Ability to listen to the spoken language and connect the same with letters in a written format
  • Reading comprehension: Ability to read and comprehend the meaning of texts
  • Vocabulary: Communicating freely with others
  • Fluency: Ability to read quickly and with accuracy

Starting from the early stages

Parents can inculcate interest in reading in their children when they are quite young. Start by encouraging them to read the road signs, the sign boards and the boards at the bus and train stations. Make flash cards of difficult words and teach them to look them up in the dictionary.  As the children grow older,  parents can introduce them to books fit for their age.

The role parents play

Parents need to find time to read aloud to their kids because it will help improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary. Getting the children to participate in library reading programs would definitely improve their language skills. Encourage the children to participate in field programs and special events so they can explore literature at a deeper level. Parents can introduce different forms of reading material to their children. For example, kids show a tremendous improvement in their language while they read a book and listen to a tape containing the same story. This will help reinforce their sight-word recognition skills. Parents can encourage reading skills in their children by giving them positive feedback whenever they perform well. The attitude of the parent thus plays an important role in developing the skills of their kids. A parent who invests his time wisely will observe excellent results in his child, not just in academic matters, but in other activities as well.